1. Where are you? Can I call you? I’m slowly forgetting the sound of your voice…

2. I hope this new guy makes you happy. You deserve to be happy. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy.

3. You promised you’d never hurt me, and I promised to never hurt myself again. You broke your promise, now I’m breaking mine.

4. I went to the store today to pick up some printing paper, I seen the same notebook we used to write each other letters in. I broke down and forgot to grab the damn paper.

5. It’s 2:46 am and I wish you were here to hold me. My bed is so cold without your warmth.

6. It’s fucked up how you can say you love me, that you’re in love with me and now two weeks later you’re saying the same shit to a boy you just met. Fuck you.

7. Mom keeps asking about you, why you no longer visit or come to dinner. I don’t have the heart to tell her you abandoned me. You were her favorite. I just told her you’re busy…

8. I cleaned my entire room, from ceiling to floor. No matter how much I clean it though, the walls will always hold our 3 am secrets.

9. I found your hoodie, stuffed behind my mountain of pillows. I wonder if you meant to keep it there, or maybe you forgot about it just like you forgot about me.

10. I called you today. It started beeping. Did you fucking block my number?

11. I’m too old for wishes but every 11:11 I’m still wishing you’d come back.

12. I seen you walking downtown today. This other guy holding your waist and kissing your face. You were smiling, and laughing & being so affectionate. You never even held my hand in public…

13. I’m slowly getting bad again. I haven’t eaten in 3 days and I sleep 14 hours a day. I am falling apart while you’re falling in love.

14. I hope this guy breaks your fucking heart.

15. You know what’s sad? That after everything you’ve done to me, if you wanted me back, I’d take you back faster than I could say that I missed you.

16. I remember our first date. We went out to McDonalds. I go there almost once a week and order what you ordered and sit in the same seat you did. It’s fucking pathetic but it’s all I have left to feel close to you.

17. There was a girl from the supermarket that complimented my style. She’s cute, but she’s not you.

18. I am so stupid for every thinking a girl like you would fall for someone like me. You wanted lust. I wanted love. Maybe that’s why you left.

19. I’m sorry for always being shaky around you. I wasn’t cold, I trembled because I thought you were perfect and it scared me.

20. I think it’s time I give up on you. Goodbye.

20 texts I never sent. (via tohavescarlessskin)

You’re so good at spreading the truth into a sugar coated lie